Nadine Benjamin Mentor

Having been much loved and cared for by my many mentors over the last few years, I began to think that, even though I had not yet reached the pinnacle of my singing career, I nevertheless had something to offer others.  I therefore started a mentor programme called ‘Everybody Can!’

The Programme was intended to enable artists to understand what is happening in their world right now, how to make new choices and set heathy challenging goals.  Within the programme, each mentee receives ten vocal lessons, a session with an accountant and a session with a Jungian behavioural specialist along with coaching.  In addition they receive 12 weekly sessions of High Performance Coaching from me.

This programme is aimed at getting the artist to see that they are a product within a business.  It teaches them to take the helm of that business and get a better understanding of what it delivers so that they can be as successful as they can.  An artist can feel very helpless in their journey which can leave them constantly looking for approval from others instead of looking within. This way the artist is in control of their own destiny.

Everybody Can’s purpose is to create artists who can trust themselves so that others might also trust in their abilities. I found – and still do find -the whole process quite exciting!  I am particularly thrilled to have had my work recognises at the 2016 ‘Women of the Future Awards‘.

Good questions when seeking a mentor:

• Who do you admire?
• Who inspires you?
• What qualities do they have that you would like to learn?
• What do they specialise in?
• What do you have to offer?